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Migrating World

Call for Papers

Theme: Migrating World
Subtitle: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Migration and Integration
Type: International Conference
Institution: London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (LCIR)
Location: London (United Kingdom) – Online
Date: 19.–20.2.2022
Deadline: 5.11.2021

Migration has been a constant feature of human history – “homo
migrans” have existed ever since “homo sapiens”. Recently the themes
of migration and integration have been especially topical in Europe
and in other parts of the world due to massive and ever-growing
movement of population. These spreading in-flows of immigrants have a
strong impact on the social, economic and political climate of host
countries, which are often highly challenged by the growing number of
immigrants and, therefore, have to review their immigration and
integration policies to adjust to the contemporary processes of
globalization. Integration is becoming more and more important at the
time when international migration is steadily growing and
diversifying and when immigration is undergoing profound changes.
Integration and its diverse components have therefore become a
central aspect that must be analyzed, supported and facilitated in
contemporary societies because only successful integration builds
communities that are stronger economically and more inclusive
socially and culturally.

It is important to analyze all these processes of our migrating world
applying various interdisciplinary approaches in order to better
understand the current trends in international migration, to discuss
and assess different aspects and changes in the fields of migration,
integration and cultural diversity. The international
interdisciplinary conference "Migrating World: Interdisciplinary
Approaches to Migration and Integration" aims to bring together
scholars from around the world to exchange and share their ideas and
research findings in all relevant aspects of migration and
integration. It will provide an effective interdisciplinary platform
for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss
the most recent innovations, trends as well as practical challenges
encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of migration,
integration and cultural diversity.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Asylum policy and treatment of refugees
- Asylum seekers, refugees, migrants – understanding immigration
- Border services and management
- Comparative migration policies
- Migration and migration history
- The importance of the linguistic integration of immigrants
- Citizenship and immigration
- Social, cultural, economic integration of immigrants and refugees
- Illegal migration and security threats
- Family dynamics and inequalities in migration
- Migration and human rights
- Human trafficking and exploitative migration
- Identity of immigrants
- Labour market integration; refugee status; adaptation strategies of
 immigrants; retention of ethnic and older national identities
- Migration and multiculturalism
- Migration and social change: international and European perspectives
- Policing ethnicity: between the rhetoric of inclusion and the
 practices and policies of exclusion
- Political asylum and refugee status
- Policy discussions that enhance the understanding of immigration,
 settlement and integration and that contribute to policy development
- Promoting social imagination at the global level: a discussion
 about migration and intercultural integration
- Sociology of migration: differences, inequalities and sociological
- (Successful) migrant integration: whose responsibility is it?
- Cultural diversity and diversity management
- The inequalities referring to the right to mobility in the context
 of globalization
- Migration in Media and Arts
- Migration in literature

We invite proposals from various disciplines including political
science, sociology, economics, history, law, philosophy,
anthropology, public administration, demography, social geography,
literature, linguistics, etc.

Paper proposals up to 250 words and a brief biographical note should
be sent by 5 November 2021 to:

Please download paper proposal form:

Registration fee: 90 GBP

Conference website: