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27.02.2021 16:51 Alter: 3 yrs

Essay Prize for Global Priorities Research

Prize Competition

Type: Essay Prize for Global Priorities Research
Institution: Global Priorities Institute (GPI), University of Oxford
Location: Oxford (United Kingdom)
Deadline: 1.7.2021

The Global Priorities Institute (GPI) is pleased to announce an essay
prize inviting submissions  on topics in global priorities research
from graduate students currently pursuing master’s level courses in
philosophy. The winning entry will be published as a working paper on
GPI’s website and the winner will receive a prize of £1,000.

Who is eligible?

In order to be eligible for the prize, you must be pursuing a
graduate degree in philosophy equivalent to an MA or MPhil degree,
which will typically include candidates in the coursework stage of a

Global priorities research

There are many problems in the world. Because our resources are
scarce, it is impossible to solve them all. An actor seeking to
improve the world as much as possible therefore needs to prioritise,
both among the problems themselves and (relatedly) among means for
tackling them. This requires careful analysis. Some opportunities to
do good are vastly more cost-effective than others, but identifying
which are the better opportunities requires grappling with a host of
complex questions - questions about how to evaluate different
outcomes, how to predict the effects of our actions, how to act in
the face of uncertainty, how to identify more practically usable
proxies for the criteria we ultimately care about, and many other

Essay submissions should address philosophical questions of this
kind: that is, philosophical questions of crucial practical
importance for agents trying to set priorities in a way that is
suitably informed by concern for what will best promote the impartial
good. For further details, please see the GPI research agenda:

Note, however, that entries for the prize need not address questions
from this agenda where candidates believe there are other
philosophical questions of crucial importance for global priorities


Submissions should be made via this form:

The linked form will also ask you to record the title of the
submission, the word count, as well as your personal details.

Submissions should be in English, double-spaced, and no more than
10,000 words in length, including footnotes and bibliography.
Submissions should be prefaced by an abstract of 50-200 words.

Submissions should be anonymised. They must be single-authored and
only one submission per person is permitted. Essays on which
candidates have previously received feedback from supervisors or
assessors remain eligible for submission, however.


The deadline for submission is 1 July 2021. Following the deadline,
we aim to announce the winning entry within a month. In the event
that no submission is judged to be of sufficient quality, GPI
reserves the right to award no prize.

Further information about the prize is available on our website: