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13.02.2021 14:21 Alter: 90 days

Cultural Identities in a Global World

Call for Papers

Theme: Cultural Identities in a Global World
Subtitle: Reframing Cultural Hybridity
Type: Online Interdisciplinary Laboratory-Conference
Institution: International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture
(GCSC), Justus Liebig University Giessen
Location: Giessen (Germany)
Date: 24.–25.6.2021
Deadline: 1.3.2021

The 21st Century is a time of cultural and social acceleration, which
continuously shapes physical limits by updating socio-cultural
dynamics in the hybrid form of overlapping, blending and mixing of
cultural identities. The novel COVID-19 pandemic highlights this
global dimension by provoking an even faster digitalization of all
spheres of life and forming new cultural hierarchies through
disparities in technological development and economic resources. Is
this crisis one of the examples that show how cultural hybridity can
be reconceptualised in theoretical discourses and social practice? In
this laboratory-conference, we look for a more concrete,
differentiated and nuanced understanding of cultural hybridity,
stressing the need for a critique of the concept and its harmonious
connotations. We aim to explore new ways to overcome the
essentialization and commodification of cultural hybridity that has
been taking place in the last decades in the global world. In this
way, we encourage new meanings, action-oriented concepts in a broader
discussion about localization, translation and digitalization of
cultural identities in our interconnected global world.

Especially in the current times, that highlighted the economical,
social and cultural differences in experiencing the pandemic
globally, we stress the need of new approaches focused on
localization and translation of cultures by local actors in
historical sites, reconstructing the process of hybridization, like
grafting, and highlighting alternative approaches to cultural
encounters, as between missionaries and locals. Hybridity relates to
identities travelling across the individual, political, religious,
cultural and virtual spaces in contexts of nation-states,
transnational movements and globalization. We invite theoretical and
empirical contributions about the following focuses concerning
cultural hybridity (but not limited to them):

- 21st-century individual and collective identities
- the coronavirus pandemic and the digitalisation of daily life
- nation-state building/preservation
- the 'otherness' in the interconnected global world
- multiple historical stages
- in situ formulations in worldwide geographic areas

The organizers invite doctoral and postdoctoral candidates, scholars
from different stages (and not limited to them) within all
disciplines and inter-disciplines of the Humanities (including
Religion Studies and History) and Social Sciences to send their
abstracts for contributions (max. 300 words with a short biographical
statement) no later than the 1st of March 2021 to: and

Selected papers will be published in an issue of a peer-reviewed journal.

You can find the full CfP here:


Laura Popa, Clara Verri
International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC)
Justus Liebig University Giessen