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24.04.2021 10:53 Alter: 3 yrs

Crossing Boundaries through Intercultural Encounters

Call for Papers

Theme: Crossing Boundaries through Intercultural Encounters
Type: International Conference
Institution: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
  RVP Iași Center, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
Location: Iași (Romania)
Date: 21.–22.6.2021
Deadline: 15.5.2021


In the past years the RVP-Iasi Center organized a set of conferences
on the role of intercultural encounters to examine cultural borders
and border cultures. As the continuation of the same effort, the
Center proposes another in-depth and multi-focused investigation on
“Crossing Boundaries through Intercultural Encounters.”  The interest
will particularly focus on how encounters with the other(s) can
contribute to highlighting, crossing or reasserting individual,
social and cultural boundaries. One of aspects for discussion will be
on the multifaceted nature of a boundary. Indeed, a boundary can be
seen either separation or neighborhood. It can indicate the vicinity
of aspects in a dynamic relationship. A boundary can mark certain
limits, either concrete or abstract. It can be a dividing line or a
description of crossing the limits in a field. In mathematics, a
boundary means the collection of all points of a given set with the
property that every neighborhood of each point contains in the set
and in the complementarity of the set.

If boundaries are present and active in many ways in our lives, what
role can intercultural encounters play in discovering, understanding
and possibly surpassing them? Encounters with the other/ness are
special and privileged occasions, which can either create
differences, separations or build bridges. Meeting the cultural other
means to discover hidden boundaries and to experience wishes to
overcome them. Intercultural encounters may be able to initiate an
effective and dynamic experience of boundaries, a dialectic of
boundaries or bounding. In this sense, we need more elaborated
understanding of boundaries, as our personal, social and political
life brings forth issues of nature, meaningfulness and transgression
of these boundaries.

This conference invites contributions on, but not limited to, the
following topics:

- Boundaries between separation and gathering
- Crossing boundaries: scenarios
- Intercultural encounters as conscience of boundaries
- Intercultural encounters in bridging cultural differences
- Overcoming boundaries: new places and new realities
- Overcoming boundaries: cross-identities and hybridization?
- Role of artifacts in crossing cultural boundaries


Please send an abstract of 300 words and a brief C.V. to Professors
Dan Chițoiu [], Oana Cogeanu [] and by May 15, 2021. Accepted papers will be published in
the conference proceedings.


There is no registration fee. All travel and accommodation expenses
will be covered by participants.


Dan Chițoiu & Oana Cogeanu
RVP Iași Center
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
Iași, Romania
Email: dan811(at) & oa_na_co(at)

Conference website: