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13.05.2021 11:12 Alter: 3 yrs

An Exploration of Human Nature

Call for Papers

Theme: An Exploration of Human Nature
Subtitle: Perspectives from African Philosophy
Type: 4th Biennial African Philosophy World Conference (APWC 2021)
Institution: African Philosophy Society (APS)
  Department of Philosophy, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka
Location: Online
Date: 12.–14.10.2021
Deadline: 5.6.2021

Issues of human nature basically revolve around the reflections and
intuitions of human beings about what constitute the distinctive or
essential meaning and characteristics of the human. Humans recognize
their shared biological character with primates and other non-human
animals. Thus, there seems to be layered properties beginning from
simple cellular forms to the more complex human being at the physical
level. But this doesn’t seem to be the dominant concern of
philosophers and social scientists. Rather, philosophy and social
sciences seem interested in human’s own sense of self-worth, the
values that drive human behaviour and the life choices that make life
worth living.

We welcome submissions that broadly explore the concept of human
nature and human moral values as they connect to Africa or African
philosophy and reflect on the themes and issues:

Global capitalism and human nature; wars and human nature;
existentialism and human nature; human nature and epistemic
arrogance; human nature and religion; human nature and the afterlife;
human nature and development; human nature and racism, metaphysical
underpinnings of human nature; post-modernism and human nature; the
fine arts and the human nature; gender and human nature; sexuality
and human nature; human nature and artificial intelligence; human
nature and governance; human nature and the fourth industrial
revolution; human nature and the environment; human nature and family.

In addition to these themes and issues, abstract submissions could,
from the perspectives of African philosophy, engage with the
following sub-themes:

Equity and social justice; the binary of social relations (e.g.
male-female, rich-poor, monogamy-polygamy, etc.) in the face of the
cliché that we are all humans with shared common values; the extent
of moral decadence in politics and governance; the issue of
militarization, arm sales and military industrial complex; the place
of the human in contestation of power and so on. 

Keynote/Plenary Speakers

Prof Joseph C. A Agbakoba
Department of Philosophy, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Prof Bruce B. Janz
Department of Philosophy, University of Florida, USA

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts

- Send your abstract                                                                - Your submission should (a) not exceed 500 words; (b) contain a
 title, author’s name, author’s institutional affiliation, and
author’s email address/telephone/fax.

Important dates:

- Abstract Submission Deadline: 5th June, 2021
- Notification of Acceptance: 5th July, 2021
- Conference Registration Deadline: 15th September, 2021
- Conference: 12th - 14th October, 2021

There will be no conference fees. However, authors of accepted
Abstracts will be required to update their APS Membership by paying
their 2021 annual dues.

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