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Dynamics of knowledge transmission and linguistic transformation in Chinese textual cultures

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Dynamics of knowledge transmission and linguistictransformation in Chinese textual culturesType: International WorkshopInstitution: Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Verona  Research Center on East Asian Civilizations, CRCAO, [mehr]


Those. Othering, Alterity, Appropriation in Ancient Art

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Those. Othering, Alterity, Appropriation in Ancient ArtType: Digital ConferenceInstitution: Institute for Classical Archaeology, University of HamburgLocation: OnlineDate: 20.–21.5.2021Concepts of others, othering, self-representation or opposing worldsare topics o[mehr]


Cross-cultural Trolley Papers

AnnouncementTheme: Cross-cultural Trolley PapersI am looking for papers that investigate cross-cultural differencesin responses to trolley problems, i.e., empirical experiments thatcompare the responses of people from different cultures to some ofthe standard cases. That includes both papers that (a[mehr]


Save the Planet!

AnnouncementTheme: Save the Planet!Subtitle: Climate Change and the Role of Intercultural PhilosophyType: Lecture SeriesInstitution: Working Group 'Intercultural Philosophising: Theory andPractice', Viennese Society of Intercultural Philosophy (WiGiP),Institute Science and Art (IWK) and Department o[mehr]


The Political Dimension of Nature

Conference AnnouncementTheme: The Political Dimension of NatureSubtitle: An Intercultural CritiqueType: Annual ConferenceInstitution: Society for Intercultural Philosophy  University of TübingenLocation: Tübingen (Germany)Date: 4.–6.6.2021The increasingly critical impact of climate change [mehr]


Hate Speech

Conference AnnouncementTheme: Hate SpeechSubtitle: What It Is and How It WorksType: Online WorkshopInstitution: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)Location: OnlineDate: 26.–27.2.2021 Recent surveys suggest that hate speech is on the rise, particularlyon the internet and on social media. Hate [mehr]


The Future of Global Cooperation

Conference AnnouncementTheme: The Future of Global CooperationSubtitle: Ethics and GovernanceType: Global Negotiation ConferenceInstitution: Department of Philosophy and Europa Institute,University of ZurichLocation: OnlineDate: 22.–23.1.2021The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated both the necessity o[mehr]


Marxismus im Gespräch

AnkündigungTheme: Marxismus im GesprächSubtitle: Interkulturelle Perspektiven und EntwicklungenType: Vortragsreihe des Arbeitskreises InterkulturellesPhilosophieren: Theorie und PraxisInstitution: Wiener Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Philosophie(WiGiP)  Institut für Wissenschaft und Kun[mehr]


Solidarity at the Crossroads

Web ResourceTheme: Solidarity at the CrossroadsSubtitle: Concepts, Practices, and Prospects from an InterdisciplinaryPerspectiveType: Online ConferenceMaintainer: Rottendorf Research Project 'Global Solidarity', MunichSchool of PhilosophyURL: https://solidarityatthecrossroads.orgSolidarity has [mehr]