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24.10.2020 10:56 Alter: 196 days

Solidarity at the Crossroads

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Theme: Solidarity at the Crossroads
Subtitle: Concepts, Practices, and Prospects from an Interdisciplinary
Type: Online Conference
Maintainer: Rottendorf Research Project 'Global Solidarity', Munich
School of Philosophy

Solidarity has not only attracted considerable scholarly attention
over the last decade or so. Even before Covid-19, it had become a
popular term in many public debates, seemingly connecting to a broad
range of topics. Such popularity seems to be a response to global
social, political, cultural, and economic upheavals. Against the
background of this globalised dynamic of change, different practices
of solidarity have emerged in the recent past, in the contexts of
which people develop collective forms of being, feeling, and acting

This online conference presents various research paradigms,
conceptualisations of, and different ways of reflecting, justifying
and employing solidarity.

Originally, it should have been held at the Munich School of
Philosophy from October 7-9 but its format had to be changed due to
the Covid-19 pandemic. The conference is a cooperation between the
interdisciplinary research project “Transnational Practices of
Solidarity”, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
(BMBF), and the Rottendorf-Project, funded by the Rottendorf

Conference web resource: